2015 Miss Georgia USA & Miss Georgia Teen USA pageant in McDonough, GA

I had the opportunity to tag along with The Cynthia Harper Show to attend the gala event. First stop was a behind the scenes interview with Tiana Griggs, who is from Monticello, GA. Tiana loves the Lord and had a heart-warming journey to win the crown in 2014 Miss Georgia USA’s pageant .  Afterwards, had the pleasure of meeting and being onsite while interviewing Executive Director Kimberly Greenwood, wife of Legendary Country music singer Lee Greenwood.

This was an eye-opening experience for me. I was surrounded by talented, beautiful young women, amazing gowns and soon realized these ladies get an unbelievable scholarship opportunities as title holders. I got a first hand look. Among all the glitter and glam these girls are more than a beautiful face. They are gifted, smart and have huge goals in life.

In my opinion, winning the title helps propel you into a brighter further, helps pay for college and is definitely a huge stepping stone in life for these young women.

(Check back soon to see images)


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