Restoration can be a Stellar of an Experience!

On Friday, January 17, 2014 my colleague and  I traveled to Nashville, TN for The Stellar Awards (SO I THOUGHT). This trip was truly a walk of faith. We had limited funds but booked our hotel anyway, both of the cars had issues and mine wouldn’t even start. So the day before we had to leave, I prayed got on my face and prayed… By the evening nothing had happen. When I was preparing to get ready for bed the Holy Spirit told me “You have family in TN” contact them. The first thing that came to mine was my aunt Sherry. The Holy Spirit said “No, You have family in Nashville,TN” and he bought my younger sisters face to me…I said “Nekeia” I haven’t talked to them in ages. No, I can’t do that. I don’t even have a number. So the Holy Spirit said you can reach her” “fb I thought” It’s funny how God can use any situation to change your life. I contacted Nikeia and she was just overjoyed at the thought of me coming in town. So we went back & forth with messaging until Friday. In the morning, I didn’t have her number or address but we knew we had to leave. We give God all the glory for his grace and mercy. Before we left we prayed favor, traveling mercy and financial blessings and God answered our prayers in more ways then one. I met up with my younger sister Nikeia Jones which I have not seen in over 10 years. Thank God for restoration because even though I was hesitate about seeing her. Little did I know, I would stay the entire weekend with her family. We talked all night, we cried and even fellowship with live streaming church service. I’m really speechless but wanted to share my story of restoration. I had no idea that my sister Nikeia talked about me and my sisters (Tami & Tracy) all the time. So  here is a picture of us along from my trip. with and more to follow of the entire family. Thanks Nekeia for opening your home up to us. I pray for all of us. We will be back in TN next month so see you all soon!

 N Jone _ Cherie B



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